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Terrell Farm Coffee

Sans Café Rien!

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Terrell Farm Coffee

Sans Café Rien!

Organic Coffee Beans Delivered Locally

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Way Out West

Preserving the beauty of our nature and taking the time to sit back, chill and enjoy a great cup of coffee is what California is about! Yes we are relaxed, the rumors are true! That being said many Californians are far from the stoner-surfer types. My mother was a big influence, she raised me to value nature and education. One of my fondest memories is our family loading bags of soda cans in the back of our station wagon to recycle. Another tradition was our family going to a nature center called "Sulphur Creek to see the Northern California local wildlife while listening to public radio in the car on the way! Though we may be relaxed it's really a down-to-earth harmony with our mild climate. Even our business types might not wear a suit,  tie or loafers, we still have many traditions and I count great coffee as definitely one of them!

Our Organic Single Origin Beans

What you wanted but didn't know it!

The Cold Brew Flotter 

My Bae and I were recently travelling in the Czech Republic in a place called Brno. We went to visit Spilberk Castle where they have the loveliest cafe for the tourist. This was a hot day so I had a major urge for Cold Brew but they only served espresso drinks. I, being the do-it-yourself kind of chick decided I would order the espresso and ice separate to make it to my taste. I also ordered the Ice cream separate because it sounded good. I blended the espresso and Ice to my taste and spooned in some ice cream. Now, I know this is not unheard of but if your thinking Affagoto stop it right now! Affagoto literally translates in English to "Pour over." What I was making was a float in a cup! One can be eaten with a spoon and the other is stirred sipped with a straw. So I named it a "Flotter" the word in french that means "To Float". I got back to California, tried the same with my cold brew and my Cold Brew Flotter was born! 

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Why Ethical Coffee Matters 


Terrell Farm Coffee prides itself in sourcing our beans from family owned, socially conscious growers. Our beans are from all around the world but all come from fair-trade growers.  Terrell Farm Coffee also donates to charitable institutions that service the areas where the coffee is farmed, to give back to the world. 


Consequently, Terrell Farm Coffee also uses reusable or recyclable Mason jars and packaging!  Additionally our roasted beans are packaged in  100% recycled paper coffee bags!With our products you automatically help the environment by just buying from Terrell Farm Coffee! You never have to worry about the packaging from TFC you can recycle the jars, put our treat packaging and coffee bags in the thrash with the knowledge that it will take 90 days or less to breakdown in landfills,In addition to this we will shortly offer a coffee and food delivery service called 'No lines, just coffee!' using cardboard boxes packed with our cold brew left at your doorstep, fresh, Coming soon!

People and Sustainability do Matter

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