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About Terrell Farm Coffee

What inspired me to start Terrell Farm Coffee was, a need for really great coffee. Everywhere I went whether it be to a Turkish coffee house or at  a cafe down the street; the coffee wasn't what I really liked. It made me think of my mother who would make us food at home that was way better than anything we could buy at a restaurant. With this in mind I decided to roast my own coffee and cold brew. The name of my company is inspired by my mother's last name and her Texas farm roots, growing up what she didn't have, she had to make.


My mother was also my teacher in my early schooling and encouraged me to be open to diversity this inspired me to travel; she helped finance my first trip abroad. On my many subsequent trips abroad  I encountered different brewed concoctions and various ways to make coffee.  Travelling inspired my palette for coffee and has informed me of the difference in taste around the world. For example in the Netherlands and Scandinavia black licorice is very popular. In contrast in America we have a love affair with strawberry Red Vines Licorice. The point is that tastes vary just like people. The coffee we make at Terrell Farms Coffee aims to jump the divide and be a favorite for all palettes.  

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